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What Not to do in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to speak directly to your audience. You can build a relationship with them and create loyal customers. It is also a great way to generate traffic to your website, increase leads, and execute large campaigns.

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6 Email Marketing Threats Every Professional Should Know About

There are over 4.5 billion people using email marketing in the world. And nearly 80% of businesses use it as their primary customer acquisition and retention tool.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Click-Through Rate

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with new and existing customers! Worldwide, it’s estimated that the number of emails sent and received per day stands at 347.3 billion – a 4.3% increase from the previous year, so it’s no doubt a profitable area of marketing to focus on.

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Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Strategy?

Many professionals point to the premeditated death of email marketing due to the growth of social media and their consequent investment by companies.

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